Random Thoughts on Economics and the Political Scene

With a tip of the cap to Dr. Thomas Sowell, here goes:

  • Social Security is an actuarially unsound investment fund that pays off early entrants using money raised from later investors. This is different from a Ponzi scheme because ____________. Please submit answers in 500 words or less. I will reward the most creative entrant with an honorary PhD in Financial Gymnastics.
  • Gambling is illegal and immoral…unless the government plays bookie, or at least gets a cut of the take.
  • It drives me crazy that the most parasitic people in our society-politicians-have the nerve to call themselves “public servants.” Grrrrr!!!
  • If I was in financial trouble and began borrowing and spending like crazy, you’d say I was irresponsible. Why is it any different for the US government?
  • The highest tax states, like California and New York, always seem to have the most serious financial problems. When will taxpayers understand the connection? What will it take for said taxpayers to demand fiscal sanity from elected officials?
  • If Canada’s healthcare system is so great, why do we never hear about Americans going north for treatment? There are many stories about Canadians going south and paying for care that’s “free” at home.
  • In the “Internet Era,” why are so many Americans clueless to the disaster that is socialized medicine? Horror stories from around the world are a few mouse clicks away. Canada’s provincial governments even put their obscene waiting list times on line!
  • One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting different results. Can we have all of Washington, DC committed and start over?
  • What’s the main difference between the daily number and the mob’s old numbers racket? “Criminals” paid better odds to winners.
  • The US government forced banks to “borrow” TARP money, and now refuses to take it back. Will someone let me know when this program expands to consumer auto loans?
  • Contrary to popular belief, Robin Hood did not rob from the rich and give to the poor; he retrieved what the government had stolen.
  • Why do more people seem annoyed by ATM fees than by taxes? You can usually avoid paying the buck or two anyway by sticking to your own bank’s machines.
  • Our economy’s problems are not a result of “greed,” a word most people couldn’t define without stammering. Greed has always existed, and always will. If our society’s success depended on eliminating greed, we’d be doomed.
  • There are three types of freedom: economic (capitalism), social (civil liberties), and political (the right to vote). If your government protects the first two, the third only gets in the way.
  • The US government now owns 60% of General Motors. Is anyone outside of Washington, DC confident politicians and bureaucrats are capable of running a car company…or willing to keep their word and stay out of the way while professionals run it?
  • “I’m from the government; I’m here to help you” used to be the punch line of a joke. It seems that today many people take the line seriously.
  • It’s hard to end victimless crime with laws. If you want to change someone’s morality, convince them, don’t force them.
  • Does it bother anyone that the US has been minting “czars” to tackle various problems the past 15 years or so? I guess it could be worse: we could call them “commissars.”

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